Qianhui Magnetic
We are a professional r & d, production, sales of high-performance ndfeb magnetic materials and products of high salary technology enterprises. Main specifications of ndfeb magent are exported to the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan and other countries.

why to control quality the ndfeb neodymium magnet

keep quality of the ndfeb magnet533573.jpg

  1. Iamge Measuring instrument.

  2. PCT-30 Highly Accelerated Stress Tester-hast

  3. X-STRATA 920 Flourescnet X-ray Coating Thickness Gauge

  4. Salt Spray Test Chamber

  5. DHG-9023A Electro-Thermostatic Blast Oven

  6. HT-701 Digital Magnetic Flux Meter

  7. AMT-4 Magentic Measurement For Permanent Magnets

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