the application of the ndfeb magnet

Ndfeb magnet has the following applications:

Electroacoustic field: loudspeaker, receiver, microphone, alarm, stage sound, automobile sound, etc.

Electronic appliances: permanent magnet mechanism vacuum circuit breaker, magnetic holding relay, electricity meter, water meter, sound meter, dry reed pipe, pipe inductor, etc.

Motor field: VCM, cddvd-rom, generator, motor, servo motor, micro motor, motor, vibration motor, etc.

Mechanical equipment: magnetic separation, magnetic separator, magnetic crane, magnetic machinery, etc.

Medical care: magnetic resonance device, medical equipment, magnetic therapy health care products, magnetization oil saver, etc.

Other industries: magnetization defiler, pipe defiler, magnetic jig, automatic mahjong machine, magnetic lock, door and window magnetic, box and bag magnetic, leather magnetic, toy magnetic, tool magnetic, craft gift packaging, etc.

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