the advantage and defect of ndfeb magnet


The most prominent characteristics of sintered ndfeb are remanence Br, coercivity Hcb and Hcj, magnetic energy product (BH)m are very high;Therefore, it has been widely used since it came into being.


Ndfeb also has some disadvantages, such as brittle, low operating temperature (< 220 ℃), the temperature coefficient is poor, poor corrosion resistance.Coating: due to the difference of corrosion resistance of sintered ndfeb itself, therefore, in the general case of product must have a coating to protect, according to the requirement of the product application environment against corrosion, currently the most widely has the following coating: galvanized, nickel plated, epoxy resin, chemical plating, gold-plated, silver, aluminum plating, chrome plating and a small amount of gonadorelin coating.

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