Qianhui Magnetic
We are a professional r & d, production, sales of high-performance ndfeb magnetic materials and products of high salary technology enterprises. Main specifications of ndfeb magent are exported to the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan and other countries.

background technology

At present, the publicly known ndfeb production processes include batching, smelting, hydrogen crushing, powder making, mixing, orientation molding, isostatic pressure, vacuum sintering, tempering, performance testing, grinding, slicing, electroplating, packaging and many other processes, each process is inseparable from manual operations.Each piece of material from the input to output needs a week or so, each process control process and parameters are not the same but also related to each other, mutual influence, during the production process and equipment parameters of small changes, will directly or indirectly affect the quality of products, so ndfeb quality management and control is a tedious and meticulous work.
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