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Neodymium magnets with very strong magnetism change the current

Neodymium magnet must be familiar to everyone. This kind of magnet with super attraction has great power. It is placed on both sides of the screen of the mobile phone. Suddenly, the huge attraction between the magnets can smash the screen of the mobile phone. Placing the Neodymium magnet on both ends of the watch can also smash the dial of the watch directly, and make the watch stop working immediately.

A young man abroad saw the Nd magnet under such a huge attraction, then he had a bold idea, if it was placed next to high-voltage wire, then what effect would it produce?

In order to solve this problem, the foreigner really did a dangerous event. First, he found two high-voltage wires. After switching on the power supply, we can clearly see that the two high-voltage wires are connected immediately, even if they are not fully contacted. The purple arc seems to make people shudder.

Next, the foreigner slowly approached the arc between two high-voltage wires with a neodymium magnet. Through the video, we can clearly see that as the neodymium magnet approached, the arc gradually shifted to the side of the neodymium magnet. When the neodymium magnet approached closer and closer, the arc suddenly began to tremble violently, and then rotated out of one side. The shape of a sphere.

The foreigner saw that the experiment was not terminated here, but he kept the neodymium magnet in his hand close to the arc and finally the arc was directly adsorbed to the magnet.

But what is surprising is that even if the magnet adsorbs the arc, the foreigner still has no feeling or reaction of electric shock. As the foreigner gradually moved the Nd magnet away from the arc, the arc still moved outward with the magnet.

How do you think this phenomenon is very magical when you see it here, my little friends?

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